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UCPEA Letter to UConn July 30, 2018


To:         UCPEA Membership


From:    Michael White, UCPEA President

               Elizabeth Sullivan, UCPEA Executive Director


Below is a copy of a letter we sent to the University administration late in the day last Friday.


Many of the issues listed in the letter impact various segments of the membership, who we communicate with regularly. They are well aware of our efforts on their behalf, but the classification project impacts every one of us and we want all of you to know where things stand.


Donna Hardaway Receives UCPEA President’s Award

The recipient of the President’s Award is Donna Hardaway, a long-time Union Representative and active member of UCPEA who was instrumental in establishing our new Social Justice Committee. She is an administrative manager in the Registrar’s Office.

“UCPEA’s newly permanent Social Justice Committee would not be what it is today without Donna’s vision and commitment to researching, educating and working to dismantle social inequities that affect our members and the UConn community,” says President Mike White.

Hanlon, Pereira Lopes Named Unionists of the Year

During a year when members were called upon to come together to demonstrate their support for the state’s labor movement and prepare for the potential impact of the Janus decision, two Union Representatives emerged as rising leaders among UCPEA members.

Suzanne Hanlon, financial aid officer in the Financial Aid Office, and MiChelle Pereira Lopes, grants and contracts specialist for Sponsored Programs in the Office of the Vice President for Research, are recognized as 2018 Unionists of the Year.

Proposed Amendment to Constitution and ByLaws