Executive Board

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The 2021-2023 UCPEA Executive Board and office staff.

The Executive Board of the UCPEA is made up of the following elected officers: President, First Vice President, Vice President for Professional Issues, Vice President for Political Affairs, Vice President for Communications, Vice President for Membership Services, Vice President for Social Justice, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and Chief Union Steward. Officers are elected for two-year terms via election in the month of April during odd years. The next election cycle for executive board officers will take place in April 2023.



2021-2023 Executive Board

Kathy Fischer - President

Fiona de Merell - First Vice President

Jen Morenus - VP for Professional Issues

Peter Morenus - VP for Political Affairs

Nikki Eberly - VP for Communications

Monique Griffin - VP for Membership Services

Nishelli Ahmed - VP for Social Justice

Donald Babcock - Secretary

Dave Paquette - Treasurer

Jeremiah Macht - Chief Union Steward